Et tu, lunch lady?

Robert “Bob” Bobb and Kym Worthy brought the thunder down on a bunch of dull grafters palming nickels from the DPS till. And they promised more investigations and indictments are coming. Hell, Bobb even said auditors will be checking the gate at high school sporting events. The employees and officers of the Detroit Public Schools left no dollar unmolested. Someone probably skimmed the ticket revenue from the Osborn High girl’s badminton matches. Even the lunch ladies were in on it. A DPS hair net named Tammi Henry actually pocketed $400 in lunch money. You have to sell a lot of cafeteria milk to skim $400. Unless your boss is also so hopelessly corrupt you don’t have to be discreet about it. (Freep)

Terrorists will either keep us gainfully employed or kill us all with jihad death panels
The Obama Sorento Administration is sending their elitist experts to Standish to see if we can keep the Gitmo prisoners there. Warehousing dangerous people is what impoverished rural communities do best these days and Standish has been using Cool Cities grants to promote itself as Seattle of prison-based communities. Standish: come for your sentence. Stay for your parole. So it would be really awesome if America’s greatest prison town got to incarcerate America’s most terrifying prisoners. Unless of course they let one these awful jihadists escape and he kills us all with a suitcase nuke he made in his cell with a toothbrush, raisins, and his own urine. (DetNews)

Dave Bing: our junk bonds are still good

The Mayor went to Chicago and told all the bond rating folks that despite a $300,000,000 structural deficit and distinct likelihood that the city is about to run out of cash, things are still groovy is Detroit. So long as Dave Bing threatens the unions with that cardboard cut-out of Robert Bobb they’ll pretty much agree to whatever he needs to keep this dying carcass of a government limping along. You know what book city leaders need to read? Old Yeller. The boy shot he dog. He loved Old Yeller and didn’t want it to suffer. Memo to Mayor Bing, it’s called Chapter Nine. Shoot this damn dog already. (Freep)

Hey the pension board has another dumb investment idea

Usually when the city employee pension boards want to invest money they just buy plane tickets to the United Arab Emirates for Barbara-Rose Collins or the right Reverend Wendell Anthony (praised be His name). City workers appreciate these efforts as a reminder why they check or steal milk money to fund for their own retirement. The pension boards have a great new investment idea. They’re going to build an office for…wait for it…the pension boards! They need some place to sit down and call U.S. Air or whatever. And they’re going to build it in an east side residential neighborhood that doesn’t want an office building instead of, you know, renting available office space downtown. (Crains)

WJR brings their terrible geriatric shtick to Grand Rapids
Oh those poor, poor people in Grand Rapids. Things were starting to look good out there in Amway land. Access to Lake Michigan, close to Chicago, and a nice downtown, what more could you want? How about a rebroadcast of Frank Beckmann’s awful radio show for the olds! Maybe Detroit can export some other awful things to Grand Rapids. Let’s send them some crime, unemployment, and Martha Reeves. Actually all those things would be far worse than the dreck WJR churns out and calls it radio. (Crains)

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Goddamn. I wish I’d shot that photo.


RE: Pension Board’s move to the Villages. I am a resident in the Villages area. This move out of downtown and into a residential area makes little sense. Particularly when the Pension board owns a vacant building right downtown at 28 S. Adams Street. Why not redevelop that? Likewise this move is supposed to help retirees have better access to the Pension Board…to pick up their pension checks…in an era of electronic transactions. It seems to me that employees close to retirement age more so need access to the Pension offices in order to complete paper work and prepare for retirement. Why not keep offices downtown where most Detroit employees work?


I’m also a resident of The Villages neighborhood (near the River) – the Pension & Retirement Systems’ plan calls for no public access to the River, a gated office building for 55 people on very valuable riverfront property, and no retail (we really need good retail!). Can’t understand why they would leave Downtown when they already own an almost empty building close to other City of Detroit offices. Doesn’t make sense, now does it? But, despite everything, money seems to always be flowing. Of course, it would have a really nice view.


I want to have Robert Bobb’s children and then send them to DPS where, by the time they’re old enough to get learned, he’ll be the last man standing. Is that too much to ask?


Why would the Pension and Retirement systems pay 9 million dollars to build a building for 55 people when why already own a largely empty building downtown.

If they City planning commission approves this rezoning, they are enabling and encouraging the depopulation of down town. This would mean more vacancy and less shoppers. Detroit’s Central Business District’s business owners and property owners are going to go nuts when they find out about this.


Nice to see the DRSA mess getting some play here… What’s almost more appalling than the arguments raised above is the fact that DRSA paid $1.8 million for the land – wonder whose palm was getting greased here? Similar land on the same river in the same city, albiet closer to downtown, was offered for $1 per parcel to certain developers. What warrents the high price for this piece of land? The chain link? The fine location next to the UAW and a senior tower? The abundance of ghetto palms, mulbury trees and other vegetation unique to Detroit? Gimme a break. I’d have some bones to pick if this was my pension board making these decisions with my retirement funds.


You are the best thing ever to read while hungover as fuck. Period.


This Pension Fund building thing is really bringing the WV/IV folks out of the woodwork. If they fought this hard for a bar their neighborhood would be even cooler.

C’mon, WF — I need the Statler Wetland protected (IT WAS RAPED BY A LAWNMOWER RECENTLY AND I AM PISSED OFF) so let’s start the bandwagon to get the Pension fund in the Lafayette building. According to Ferchill it is even a bad idea so that should make it appealing to the board. Let them know that if it gets torn down that is basically the equivalent of Suburbanite George Jackson taking our jewels away.

I have my own conspiracy theory on the rape of the STATLER WETLAND and I will share it at another time.


Why doesn’t the pension fund move into the old Michigan Mutual building on Grand Circus Park? Plenty of room there and it is already owned by the Millwrights and Electricians pensions funds – I’m guessing one pension fund would give another a bit of a break.


All government agencies looking for a new home should move into one, two, or several of the closed school buildings that litter the city.


Hey there is a petition going around to oppose that retirement systems project rezoning.

Please sign the online petition above opposing the rezoning of 7850 E. Jefferson Avenue from (R-6) High Density Residential to (PD) Planned Development for a low rise office building.

The City Planning Commission recently postponed a vote on this subject after residents expressed concern over

(1) Rezoning a residential area into an office area and pulling much needed tenants from office space in Detroit’s core business district. There is already much empty office space in Detroit and rezoning this land will pull tenants from currently occupied spaces in Detroit and miss out on opportunities to fill empty office space throughout downtown.

(2) Limiting riverfront access by building a gated low density office building on Detroits Riverfront. The river walk curently stops short of 7850 by a few parcels of land. If future plans are to continue the river walk eastward, river access will be necessary and will be greatly hindered by a gated development on this property.

The rezoning of this land to low density commercial space is of great concern to anyone who is looking to foster a strong and thriving business district by not pulling business away from our CBD. It is also of concern for anyone looking to expand the riverwalk and insure future access to the riverfront is available and accessible to all.