Sometimes the irony is too sharp. Norman Lear and Caroll O’Connor got Archie Bunker too pitch perfect and eventually the lunch bucket bigots decided that Archie had some good ideas. They tuned in every week to watch him give it to the Meathead. Also the libruls and the blacks and sometimes the Jews.

Other times irony is so dull and so obviously affected that it isn’t ironic. Larry the Cable Guy is just a dumb redneck saying vaguely awful things to an audience of rednecks who agree with said awfulness. Such is the case with an essay in the hipster chic ‘zine Vice about all the journalists who come to Detroit and ponder abandoned buildings and what not.

They sent one of their finest art school dropouts to Detroit with a camera and an overnight bag filled with his uncomfortably tight jeans and comically oversized Sally Jesse eyes glasses. He then proceeded to hook up with the Sweet Juniper guy for inside dope about the city. Like all of the other out-of-town journalists.

The Sweet Juniper guy told him all about how all these journalists just want to write the same thing about Detroit’s wretched abandonedness. Vice’s intrepid hipster journalist agreed that such journalistic laziness is terrible. Then he went about asking the Sweet Juniper guy about abandoned buildings as part of the important task of chronicling Detroit’s wretched abandonedness and something about Charlie LeDuff.

Vice did not simply copy the New York Times, London Daily Mirror, and Rosie O’Donnell’s hand-wringing “Detroit is dying” boilerplate. No sir. Instead this hipster-reporter went to the same places that those other media folks visited but also quoted people complaining about out-of-town journalists. Those complaints don’t include Vice‘s inquiries because hipsters, you know, get it. Hipsters have street cred. They pawned their shampoo to pay for it. (Vice)

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yeah, and SJ didn’t just roam around town with a camera taking pics of abandoned buildings when he first moved here….it’s like the circle of life or something.


I love you. Will you marry me?


august 19th will forever mark the first salvo in the war on hipsters


they didn’t get the irony of a ruin pornographer complaining about ruin porn. fucking hipsters.


Our whole economy is based on out-of-town journalists now I think. You should take some credit for creating those jobs.


I wish Uber-Grand-Exalted Hipster Emeritus Woodward’s Friend could’ve joined you on the “field” trip jdg. He would’ve brought the Blatz.


You can’t go wrong with the brown triangle.


@gravity: The essay was like Fukuyama if Fukuyama wrote for the NY Times Style section. Except that the end of history in geo-political terms, liberal democracy as the end game, is a good thing. The end of history of culture is this horrible trainwreck of kids trying to dress like Detroit Institute of Technology students circa 1971 crossed with Flashdance extras.


in all seriousness, if there’s anybody out there reading this who would like to cart some journalists or photographers or documentary filmmakers around (even just for a laugh) let me know so I can put you in touch with the ones who are so lazy they find my site through google and think an unemployed white douchebag who’s only lived here for three years can somehow help them become the first person to truly unravel the mysteries of this troubled metropolis.

For example, I was happy to let Phil Cooley handle the true ruin pornographer (the tiny asian chick who emailed me asking whether it was safe for her to walk alone down Michigan ave. at 5:00 a.m. from the westin to the MCS so she could take naked pictures of herself inside).


I happily assist a tiny Asian chick walk down Michigan Ave at 5 a.m. so she can take naked pictures of herself. Please forward all hot naked chick inquiries to Dyspathy. I’ll be the Dov Charney of Detroit hipster ruin porn.


You should probably set up a kiosk outside of Time’s amityville-style dormitory on Parker. A one stop shopping sort of thing…with Blatz, of course.


i think black label would work in a pinch too


Can’t Detroit hipsters at least drink Stroh’s? Or does Blatz have more cred because it’s on tap at the Dakota Inn?

At 5am she could have ridden SMART. Who can afford the B-C but not a ride to MCS?

On the one hand I think it would be epic to take some of these photographers around, if only because I could take them to places where they really should be scared. On the other hand maybe we should just start selling “MAPS TO STARS HOMES” style ruin brochures.

It is kind of nice that all the photographers aren’t German anymore. Directions were getting to be a pain. RECHTS! LINKS!! GERADEAUS!!! Although I do hope the folks who were trying to take DDOT to “Belly Eel” the other morning for “Gemutlicheit” made it.


Come on, is this really the ‘hate on hippies’ attitude of the 1960s all over again? If he wasn’t a young writer working for a stylish magazine you wouldn’t hate the article so much.

You’re just as disdianful and piercingly ironic- frankly, I read your b log for the same reason I read Vice mag.

Try this on for size:


Personally, I’m not hating on the Vice mag (I love Do’s and Dont’s even more than as much as I am entertained by exposing hipsters for groupthink. I am also totally stoked to add “billyburgers” as a brooklyn hipster slight to my vocabulary.

I mean, how are we going to get hipsters to move here en masse from Brooklyn if we can’t even get them to move from Ferndale?


@Alec I’m not bashing hipsters in the “get a job hippie” kind of way. It’s more of an issue of hypocrisy. The Vice story was essentially the same as the MSM stories they were bitching about. The only significant difference was the cut of the author’s jeans and the size of his eyeglass frames.


Listening to WDET yesterday afternoon was one of those moments when people question the viability of the format. This story was the icing on the cake.


That’s the best picture of Andy Linn I’ve seen yet.

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