Matty Moroun’s bitch tries to oust Rashida Tlaib
Good old Adolph Mongo of 1366 Village Drive will do anything for money. Such as slandering journalists as a lynch mob to aid convicted felon Kwame Kilpatrick’s re-election effort. That was fun. Now he’s Matty Moroun’s…what’s the best term to describe Mongo’s relationship with the Mr. Burns of Detroit? There’s one term that starts with house but that would be inappropriate (even for this blog) and there’s another term that starts with Uncle but we probably don’t get to use that one either. So let’s say Mongo is black Smithers. The eastsider is just so gall darn frustrated with Rashida Tlaib that he’s wants her recalled. She won’t play stepin fetchit for “Mistah Mawroon” like Adolph so clearly there’s something wrong with her. Also, she’s a secret Muslin. Where’s your birth certificate Tlaib! (Windsor Star)

Bus service may be saved, city workers’ dick pills not so much
Convicted felon Charlie Beckham is working around the clock to save the D-DOT precious jewel. That’s is good news for the olds. If only Barry Sorento can keep his socialism off their Medicare everything will be all right. Of course, this problem was avoidable if D-DOT and SMART had merged like 20 years ago. And one of the obstacles to such regionalization is the xenophobic politics of Detroit’s now-elderly population and their favorite political demagogues. But it would be bad form to say Detroit’s olds are getting the bus service they deserve, so we won’t say it. The olds are our most preciousest jewel. Instead, enjoy this rap song longing for the glory days of convicted felon Kwame Kilpatrick. It’s by some guy with Spongebob Square Pants bedding. (Freep, DetNews)

Mike Cox is totally gay for Detroit’s political status quo
The man who called allegations against convicted felon Kwame Kilpatrick an “urban legend” and the city law department are the only people in the universe who still think Detroit City Council shouldn’t be elected by district. They have all kinds of fancy legal excuses to oppose putting the issue to voters. Too bad for them that Ken Cockrel and Janice Winfrey noticed that the council by district people had the signatures. So the whole thing will be on the ballot anyway. Question for Republicans running for governor against Cox, how long before the urban legend tv spots go up in west Michigan markets? We’d like to help fund those commercials. (DetNews)

The state of local journalism – child’s grounding makes front page
Some nine-year-old kid ran away from home or something. We usually don’t read the heart-wrenching human interest stories so we don’t know the details. But apparently they found the kid and he’s ok but he will be grounded for the next week and that means no Xbox. Thank the Christ Jesus that the Detroit Free Press had the good sense to put this important story on the front page of their internet pamphlet yesterday afternoon. Who hasn’t looked at a newspaper and wondered where are all the stories about child punishment? Spare the rod, spoil the child. And tell the world about said punishment because what 9-year-old doesn’t appreciate the added humiliation of everyone at school knowing that he can’t play Xbox right now. (Freep)

Bag of dicks Matt Millen dooms U of M to 4-7 season
Matt Millen was the worst general manager in professional sports’ long history of lousy general managers. However the same skills (and Raider toughness) that made Millen a terrible executive, i.e. a wholly superficial ability to judge talent, also makes him a stellar tv commentator. Using the keen insights that led him to draft Joey Harrington and Mike Williams, Millen has divined that the Michigan Wolverines will have a great 2009 season. In other words, Michigan will go 4-7 and all of the Wal-Mart Wolverines who called radio shows demanding Lloyd Carr’s firing will be calling radio shows this fall demanding Lloyd Carr’s return. (DetNews)

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Very interesting that the story appeared in the Windsor Star and not one of our Detroit papers. I have read the stories about the slums he has left in Windsor, but he has done the same here, yet with hardly any negative press. Too bad the Delray people don’t get how much they are being used. I keep hoping the evil one Moroun will get his–how about a nice little IRS investigation? Nothing worse to rich people than making them poors.


everyone in Delray is praying for that sweet sweet check like their house/business is worth something that would come with the gov’t built bridge. I’ll give Matty that one.

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